Welcoming Leighton Elizabeth Capnisis

Welcome to the world everyone….Baby Leighton!! Isn’t she just the cutest?!?!? I just love her little cheeks. I want to squeeze her she is so cute. She has an older sister who has the most beautiful hair that is long and curly, I can not wait until she gets older to see how her hair grows. But if she is anything like her sister we won’t see hair until she is TWO!! 🙂

Leighton was a little dream to work with. She slept most of the session and only woke up once, but daddy held her while we set up for the next set up and she went back into dreamland. We were able to get through quite a few different set ups, which is always fun because then I love to show the parents even more at their Reveal Night.

I was excited for her session as I had just gotten some new props in that I actually made a corresponding mermaid tail to match my new mermaid stuffed lovie prop from WooleyDreams. (If you are ever looking for a cute gift to give she can even make replicas of your pets as a keepsake. Definitely check out her Facebook page!)

Here are a few images from her session to share with you.




#CharlotteNewbornPhotographer #CharlottePhotographer #KnowlesPhotography


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