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Top 5 Must Have Baby Registry Items

Knowles Photography’s Top 5

I wanted to share with you my top 5 items that I have come to learn are my must haves when doing a baby registry. Some of these I learned throughout being a mom and some I have always loved. I wanted to pass this knowledge on to you.

1. Baby Susher – This is a portable noise machine. It always helped my two little ones when we were going somewhere or even when they were super fussy. It has two timer settings and you can also adjust the volume. You will see many photographers use this or something similar during their newborn sessions as well. I definitely use one during my sessions or something similar depending on which one I’m not using elsewhere.

2. Pack n Play Mattress – I never really knew how UNCOMFORTABLE a regular pack n play mattress or pad was. It is SOOOO hard. My daughter had such a hard time sleeping in it when we traveled, no wonder it is hard as a rock. Then i learned of THIS. It is great and makes traveling so much better because my kids can actually be way more comfortable when sleeping away from home. I now buy this for all my friends that get pregnant as it is something no one really knows to put on their registry and gets tons of use.

3. Battery Operated Nose Aspirator – OK. I litterally just learned about this. Previously I used the nose freeda, which we still have as a back up. BUT I bought this one cause it came with multiple tips and even my husband has used it when he was sick. It takes cleaning out their little stuffy noses to a whole new level. It is clear so you can actually see what you are getting out, easy to clean and battery operated.

4. Sound Machine – We do not travel anywhere out of town without this in our suitcases. It really helps to drown out the extra sounds or noises you may have in a hotel or in general in your home. The machine comes with multiple options for different types of sounds, but mine are usually set on one of the heart sounds. It also has a little blue night light if needed.

5. Rock N Play – I really loved using this with both my children. It allowed them to rest in a reclined position espeically since both of my children had reflux. They are many fancy types of ones now like this link, but mine had the basic grade that you had to rock yourself and it worked just as well too. You could be playing with another child or doing something and rock the little one with your foot if needed. I think the kids really love it cause you can snuggle them in it too.


I have included links to each of the products to check them out. You can click on the name of each item and it will take you there. Feel free to share with any other moms, friends or moms to be that you know may be interested. Also please share with us any that you may have come across that you would put on your Top 5 list.

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